Jan 28, 2012 24 minutes

Do it for Earl

Mike is a voiceover artist. Dave's Drunk. Bee and Mike go straight edge. Dave tells the tale of Chinese Kashmir Yaks on the steppes. Mike can't listen. The Skyrim housing market. Eating killer whale at Sizzler. Mike goes bulimic for a friend. The mearl of the story. Oporoporus. Animal Noises. Bee beefs one! Penis Personalities. Songs! Goodbye 2011, hello 2012! Illustration by Griffin Moore!

MusicPigs and Peppers - The Santa Truth Download MP3

Oct 31, 2011 54 minutes

Centipedal Shrimp Hook

We're back! Dave is tall and has teeth like chicklets. Mike is small and has tattoos like Wolverine stamps. Pizzapizzapizza! Choking on chocolate. Quantifying animation with Bee Chelse. Mike is missing Omni. Bee is black-half. Willy Whakka hangs out with Fonzie. Dave is passionate about Felicia Rashad & Gerard Depardue. Baby hooking. The story of baby hook shrimping. Measuring gentlemen's heads. Pony loves her peanut butter more than life: the song. Mike shows off his reading voice. Silly bobbles. Bee lives for the thrill of a filthy story. Mike gets a physical. PLEDGE DRIVE! Dinotales: it's for kids! Mike has rat eyes. Strawberry Pancake Mountain. Batterism is dead. Illustration by Griffin Moore!

Bee's Tumblr | Mike's Tumblr | Dave's Tumblr

MusicOpus Orange - Almost There Download MP3

Jan 1, 2011 33 minutes

Gentle Hippo Lovely Milkshake Head

The party episode! Happy New Year! A new puppy named Pony. Bee's Pony songs. Adult beverages. Bee sings the Adventure Time Song. Dragon Breath is the drink of choice on New Years Eve. Bee loses her mind on a vision quest. A purple Bic pen, a feather, and three glass beads. Shra. Befriend a bird! Help a bird move and it'll give you a feather for your vision quest bindle. Bird friendship songs. Emotions communicated through friendship. A tall glass of warm milk. Conversation starters. Victoria's Secret is that she's a tranny. 5 people, 5 words. Mike looks like a big sister. Mermaid Princess Angel Fishsticks. Mike wetdreams on people. Paralyze the shit out Bee for polar bears. Las Vegas facts. 8.5. Mike is a bird mother. Keep the booger girl to yourself. What not to say at a party. Illustration by Laura Park!

MusicSleigh Bells - Rill Rill Download MP3

Dec 4, 2010 36 minutes

Abnormal Meat

We're Back! Dinobrain goes to New York. By The Book Chelse. Mike is a bouncer at a gay club. The pee tub at Jackhammer. The old Grand Canyon trick. Penises are weird looking. Bee's butthole gun. Make my day, butthole. Mike's terrible Clint Eastwood inpersonation. Batman voices. Intalking.

MusicWintersleep - Weighty Ghost Download MP3

Oct 9, 2010 41 minutes

Missing Link Brow

Some bits from the cutting room floor. Mike makes out with a towel. Furry phones. Mike gets philosophical about funerals. Gonorrhea and grammar cast. Mike's death play. Dudetube is the new Manhunt. Antidepressants for your vagina. We love products! Call of Duty pajama pants. Bee figures out how birds communicate. Dave gets an etiquette lesson. Gonorrhea is nothing without its tail. Protect the Dudetube! Dave doesn't like people. Bee thinks she is a blue whale. Don't crush on a lady in sweatpants. Inner butt itch. Half-man, half-dragon. Mike is cursed and ugly. Portuguese is Bee's language of love. Bee's sugar woes. Chocolate anonymous. Sugar break down. How Bee got into porn. Raptor Vag, Itchy Sandbox and Slamtop Powerbottom. Chlamydia wearing a cape. Bee farts glitter. Mike's missing link brow! Bronze-Age Minnick! Mike makes a wheel. Bee's cat song. Dick Cheese Minnick. Medieval Mike is confused about the concept of photography.

MusicMiniature Tigers - Rock & Roll Mountain Troll Download MP3

May 5, 2010 41 minutes


Angela is back! Haircuts in film. Ape Hair. Moosearilla. Lumberjack Meat. Bee tells us about Star Wars. Lela, Von, Yobiyon, Von, Fluke, Buddha, and Barth Trader. Space Boats. Final Fantasy 13, the lowdown. Bee is in love with Lightning. Bad Voiceovers. Ultima Omega Weapon. The Adamantoise is Bee's White Whale. Summoning. Dave's Dollar Store. Just Boobs. Sillycones. Shrieka the tone deaf deaf Siren. Scatteroos. Missions: 1) Failed Final Fantasy Characters. 2) Send us your puns.

MusicLa Strada - Wash On By Download MP3

Mar 28, 2010 42 minutes


The Taxes and Buttholes Episode. Bee sings Mike a song. Dave sounds like Johnny Cash. Tax Season! Perms. Jens Voigt. Lid Lag. Carburetor the Car Cat. Tax Songs. Bee is a conservative conspiracy theorist. The podcast department at the BLM. Investing in fabric. Lyuba, the baby mammoth. Bee inspects dude junk. Batsack. The Wildlife Exam. Knuckling a butthole. Mike gets a massage. No hands, chinrest, spread cheeks. Facebook Meatballs!

MusicCocoon - Chupee Download MP3

Mar 13, 2010 38 minutes

Erotic Trapezoids

The Crush Episode. Dave is confused about crushes. Your thighs are like melted butter. Love Python In The Slamhole. Ralph Nader's Prowess. Taking a knife to someone who is disloyal is sexy. Bee's Wet Armpits. Wetdreaming on them while we spoon. Mike is king of the instacrush. Dave pounds wine. Bee attracts wizards. Crying to Fox and the Hound. Crossing the erotic finish line. Mike has a gas dance.

MusicModest Mouse - All Nite Diner Download MP3

Erotic Trapezoids!
Jan 7, 2010 46 minutes

Psychoactive Super Pup

Happy New Year! Blarg Blarg Blarg All Sane Lions. Necrophilia. Bee makes waffles. Web Designer Reality Show. Bee wants a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD). Zoning out 'cause the evil's gettin' ya. Mike gets a mangy tree. The Mike and Dave Show. Non-sexual Innuendos. Bee gets stuck in a burp loop. The Full Exam. Penis in its sleep state. We get mail. Facebook!

MusicThe Avett Brothers - Kick Drum Heart Download MP3

Nov 17, 2009 22 minutes

Gonorrhea Is Smart

Mike makes a pun. Bug Shapes. Circular Dalmatian Ball. Bee Squeezes. Castles the Unicorn. The natural enemy of cattles is the badger. Mike and Dave are anatomy pros. Bee Loves Gonorrhea. Intervention! Mike needs a helmet. Cougar Blood. Molding a little wiener. HIgh Quality Money. Bee's Depression. Fat Bully. What Would Furry Jesus Do?

MusicParts & Labor - The Gold We're Digging Download MP3

Look, it's Gonorrhea!
Oct 12, 2009 33 minutes

That's Our Chunk

Guests: Angela Black and Tony Delgrosso from
Low Resolution Theatre. Ange is Fists Akimbo. Tony is Razordome. Crocs vs. Gators. Dressing Lizards. Hectosphere. "I call it..." Arm-wrestling the Centurion. Mike-Milk Chocolate. Love comes from the pancreas. Frankincense Wins. Clam vs. Jaguar. Power Animals. Bee is a cake otter. Tony is an ocelot. Phosphorescent Melons. Mythical Beasts. Jazz Talons. Bongo, Rufus aka Pussy Wagon, Dorothy, Baxter, and Chunk.

MusicFreelance Whales - Kilojoules Download MP3

Low Resolution Dinobrain
Sep 21, 2009 28 minutes

Giraffes On Ice

Mike's song. Horses have huge heads. Dave is a boar. "Let us mate." Some Star Trek. Bee goes topless for Dinobrain. Boob Meat. Mike's money sack. Planet Skin. Elephant on a trampoline. Woolly marmot in your pants. Mike's giant neck. "The oven mitts." Lindsay Lohan plus two bats. A bird in the hand is worth three in the bucket. Mike makes a boner. Dave is speechless.

MusicHarlem Shakes - Strictly Game Download MP3

The Dinobrain family portrait by Bee
Sep 4, 2009 31 minutes

Mermaid Princess

Dave is a Worker. Poetry. Phoenix Call. Mike's leg crush. Bee's time travel. Lancelot! Poultryheist. Peeing in the pool. Nostril Tan. Eels are stretched out rays. Bee's low animal IQ. Steps To Become A Mermaid. Lobster Belt. Sand Dollar Check. Suicidal Guppies. Bee is an insane mermaid. Salt Bath. Lightcycle! She-Ra, Princess of Etheria.

MusicMatt & Kim - Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare Download MP3

Insane Mermaid Princess
Aug 17, 2009 34 minutes

Photorealistic Hippo Mouth

Miklops. The Brain of Dave. Ice Cream, Sugar, Cake, Yeah! The dog garbage-farted. Putting the dude missile in the lady airport. Naked High Fives. Pigs can play Mortal Kombat. Bee loves Babe. The gorillas don't wear shoes. Getting to school via trees. Otterly Confused. Icarus is a douche. Bee has ebola. Critiquing the hippos.

MusicThe Dodos - Fables Download MP3

Photorealistic Hippo
Aug 4, 2009 25 minutes

Jelly Bean Time Out

A collection of bits from the cutting room floor. Throw the computer in the cat box. Bee's scary Hitler facts. Kazam! Giraffe Modem. Bones are a food group. Mike's intervention. Bee puts baby feet on her face. Mike fake eats a taco. Burrito Cowardice. Swoosy. Dave is a sense maker. We melt and come off the rails.

MusicJonquil - Whistle Low Download MP3

Jelly Bean Time Out
July 28, 2009 28 minutes

Birthday Decoupage

A baby shows up. Hornless Three Week. A uterus with a view. Stale Eggs. Mike's pet womb. Space Flowers. Bee's terrible driving. Galactic Cyclops. Nasal Museum. Bee versus the booger. Mike's Birthday Song. Dave diffuses a stress bomb. Comic Book Decoupage. Dave is Lord Grump. Mike strokes out.

MusicNoah and the Whale - 5 Years Time Download MP3

Bee and Mike Birthday Decoupage
July 20, 2009 28 minutes

Thinking About Wizards

Mike's Hobbit feet has hair on it, too, not just smell. Bee shoots Mike's horse. Mythical beast assignments. Dave is a majestic Pegasus. Minotaur fanny pack. Dave is enchanted by wizards. Mike is a fern. Superhero team. Jellybean crash! Bee's Jem babies wear fashions. Elf, Alf, Ralph. Bee is Dinobrain's #1 fan.

MusicThe Be Good Tanyas - The Littlest Birds Download MP3

Chicago Minotaur Fanny Pack!
July 13, 2009 28 minutes

Mud On Your Jellies

Dave's boring life. Pony-o! TEETH! Bee, Dave, and the IROC-Z. Girlfriend in a fridge punches Dave. Mike's sadness diary. Sex Serpent, LALALA. Shark teeth. Fowlies. Go to down. Neurotic fantasies. Ghoul of Gouda. Kathy Smith's sexless marriage. Cooch for hands. Highbrow ending.

MusicThe Mae Shi - Lamb and Lion Download MP3

Mike's girlfriend.
July 4, 2009 26 minutes

Rattlesnake Jump Rope

I'll be your friend for a sandwich. Walls are essential. Fresh in, fresh out. Gay Pride parade. Weapon of ASS destruction. What's a "ruhcoon"? Perfume is stupid. Turtles run away. Mike's high booty. Bee makes animal noises. Unicorns are real. Supergirl is still hot.

MusicLos Campesinos! - Death to Los Campesinos! Download MP3

Mike's girlfriend.
June 29, 2009 22 minutes

Happy Alarm Clock, Sugarbuns!

Crab for a crab. Strawberry Rocket Popsicle! "Eat some cake while I shave my balls." Batsack. Beautiful capybara nipples. Jimmithy. Mike takes the chicken out of its yard. Excruciating Hurricane. Bee impersonates Winston Churchill. We are: Slug, Floppy Disk, and Carrot Stick.

MusicBorn Ruffians - Hummingbird Download MP3

Crab for a crab.
June 22, 2009 13 minutes

Rad Triad

Goat Armorall. Mike is fashion forward. "BAMF! I'm over here!" Buffalo matches. Triumvirate. Baby Freckle and Queen LaBeefa. Bee gets hysterical about being Mexican. GUACAMOLE! Brazil exports snakes and eagles. Mike gets a 24 on the FEMCAT.

MusicBarcelona - C-64 Download MP3

Mustache party!